Milwaukee Convention 2014 Group Photo

Convention Years, Locations

  1. 1981, San Francisco, CA:
  2. 1982, Washington, DC:
  3. 1983, Columbus, OH:
  4. 1984, Atlanta, GA:
  5. 1985, Los Angeles, CA:
  6. 1986, New York, NY:
  7. 1987, Milwaukee, WI:
  8. 1988, Boston, MA:
  9. 1989, Tallahassee, FL:
  10. 1990, San Francisco, CA:
  11. 1991, Detroit, MI:
  12. 1992, Dallas, TX:
  13. 1993, Chicago, IL:
  14. 1994, Washington, DC:
  15. 1995, Key West, FL:
  16. 1996, Cleveland, OH:
  17. 1997, Charlotte, NC:
  18. 1998, Ft. Lauderdale, FL:
  19. 1999, Philadelphia, PA:
  20. 2000, San Francisco, CA:
  21. 2001, New Orleans, LA:
  22. 2002, Miami Beach, FL:
  23. 2003, Kansas City, MO:
  24. 2004, Atlanta, GA:
  25. 2005, Pittsburgh, PA:
  26. 2006, Long Beach, CA:
  27. 2007, Cleveland, OH:
  28. 2008, St. Louis, MO:
  29. 2009, Philadelphia, PA:
  30. 2010, Ft. Lauderdale, FL:
  31. 2011, Las Vegas, NV:
  32. 2012, San Diego, CA:
  33. 2013, Columbus, OH:
  34. 2014, Milwaukee, WI:
  35. 2015, Newark, NJ:
  36. 2016, Memphis, TN:
  37. 2017, Ft. Lauderdale, FL:
  38. 2018, Reno, NV
  39. 2019, Washington, DC (Crystal City/Arlington, VA)
  40. 2020, New Orleans, LA
  41. 2021, Your City? (Submissions Now Being Accepted!)

First Time at Convention (what is it like?)

Submitted by Kelvin Scruggs

Picture it, Ft Lauderdale… 2017 when I attended my first NABWMT convention…” I cannot resist channelling Sophia from the Golden Girls as I write about my first NABWMT convention. My best friend that I haven’t seen in a few years talked me into making the trip from the West Coast. I truly didn’t know what to expect. After all, I know my friend all to well.

Everyone was welcoming. I was bombarded with smiles and warm greetings. Throughout the convention I met people that shared laughs, stories of their life experiences and previous conventions. I didn’t feel like a stranger trying to break through the ice. Instead, I was among friends that I haven’t met before.

The schedule was a balanced mix of social and informative events. I enjoyed hearing about NABWMT’s rich history of civil activism and current activities. There was a moving excursion to the World AIDS Museum and Educational Center, breakfast on the beach, No-talent Talent Show, motivational speakers, and time to make individual or group plans. Local chapter members hosted a BBQ along with other events and helped provide transportation. There were many events to attend and something for everyone.

If you enjoy fine cuisine or getting your hands covered in BBQ sauce, there were some amazing meals. The BBQ with sides of collard greens, mac & cheese, and corn bread was so good I wanted to go “slap my momma.” I didn’t of course. My mom is ole school and holds the key to time travel. She would have knocked me into the middle of next week. The luncheon and dinner hosted by NABWMT were elegant and the menu was far above my expectations.

The Golden Girls theme song sums up the friendship and camaraderie that I experience at the Ft. Lauderdale convention. I’m looking forward to the upcoming conventions in Reno, NV (2018) and Washington, DC (2019). Hope to see you there. Thank you all for being a friend.