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Dating Then and Now

Sixteen years ago I dated my first Black man who later became my husband. I used an online portal called I believe I was sort a pioneer in those days, since the site did not have long profiles, just a name. One “chatted” in a so called “chat room” in social...
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White Identity and Economic Dysfunction

This podcast looks at White Identity and Economic Dysfunction. While the NABWMT is a 501c(3) tax exempt organization, and cannot endorse political candidates, it can explore issues in society. So, today we will look at Donald Trump’s supporters.

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Brown Lives

Since the Black Lives Matter started after a series of outrageous killings of Black men and women by the police, I have often asked: where is the equivalent Latino group. Where is Brown Lives Matter?

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Coming Out Story

Ken Shares a coming out from NPR’s StoryCorps cast and how it relates to his story.

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Pan African Film Festival #4

(Entry 4 from Jeff H, BWMTSC Cochair) On Saturday Feb 13 I saw two very different but fascinating movies. First I met up with Johnny to see “KPIANS The Feast of Souls,” a Nigerian horror film about an ancient curse and efforts to return a lost sister to life. This is...
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Pan African Film Festival #5

Sunday Feb 14(from Jeff H. Cochair, BWMTSC)Out of DarknessThe Boda Boda ThievesLUV I planned to bring both of my sons, Dante and Lorenzo, to see “Out of Darkness”, eat dinner, and then see “The Boda Boda Thieves.” Our friend Vicky was going to join us. Dante got sick...
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Blacks, Police and Stats

So I was reading the Wall Street Journal lsat week and came across an article* “The Myth of Black Lives Matter”, so I took a deep breath and flinched and read on. It turn out the WSJ was examining the data from a Washington Post article on a book called “The War on...
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My President ’tis of Thee

So we are into the primary season and I have been able tor resist backing one candidate while blogging on NABWMT. However I will talk about one ex candidate – President Obama. I am an ex-pat Brit and though I have lived here longer than in England, I am still...
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The Vice President just made an important point about West Point’s out gay Class of 2016 president · PinkNews…

Yesterday from Black&WhiteTogether's Twitter via Twitter Web Client


Q Visions Spring16

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In 1967, interracial couple Mildred and Richard Loving made history when they helped strike down the law that made their marriage a crime.

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