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I got a question, would any of u guys date someone that happens to black and have a learning disability. Im pretty slow at learning ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago  ·  

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I understand that racism still exists. I'm 53, and it has been a part of our world all my life. I think it is time to do something about it and ALL HATE! See, we all like to post all these things showing how horrible white people are to black people and that is cool except we are all a part of a community that discriminates against itself, that being the gay community.

I came out in the fall of 1994, and in the past twenty years, I have been treated worse by gays than by any redneck I've ever encountered. It's not just black and white with us. It's fat, skinny, top, bottom, leather, trans, twink, daddy, bear, cub, otter, Nellie, straight acting, and a myriad of other classifications we use to separate ourselves within the community white we scream about prejudice and injustice.

We don't support one another or even acknowledge each other (for the most part) unless we find the person attractive, which in most cases means he looks like a Greek god, or one of the actors we see in porn flicks or at the strip club.

We say we don't care what people think, but that is untrue. Everyone wants to be loved, respected and acknowledged for who they are, NOT what they are and IMHO, those who've been persecuted and mistreated are the LAST ones who should ever impose such treatment onto others.

Ghandi said, "be the change you expect to see in the world..." Injustice knows no race, creed, color, sexual identity, or look. It is an equal opportunity cancer. When we perpetuate it, it grows...

Think about that the next time a cute guy joins the group and gets hundreds of comments while an average looking guy barely gets a hello or welcome.

Everyone has feelings and sometimes what you don't say can be as hurtful as what you DO say....
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2 weeks ago  ·  

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