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“Black Crime” revisited Play in new window |...
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I have blogged on the lack of face to face communications previously, and in a recent New York...
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White Identity and Economic Dysfunction Play in...
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Brown Lives Since the Black Lives Matter...
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Coming Out Story Play in new...
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Pan African Film Festival #4

(Entry 4 from Jeff H, BWMTSC Cochair) On Saturday Feb 13 I saw two very different but fascinating...
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Pan African Film Festival #5

Sunday Feb 14(from Jeff H. Cochair, BWMTSC)Out of DarknessThe Boda Boda ThievesLUV I planned to...
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My President ’tis of Thee

So we are into the primary season and I have been able tor resist backing one candidate while...
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Racial Justice in Education

As an educator, I have worked with students at the margin and become even more aware of the...
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PAFF 2016 journal #3

So I met up with Ken and Mack at the movies and we saw “Stories of our Lives” with an...
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